How to add video to your WordPress website

Words are NOT enough!

Sometimes words and pictures are not enough to get your message across. So you create a video and you want to put it on your website. However it is not as simple as adding a picture or typing in text like this video of a man playing the drum using trash cans and buckets.

Issues to consider when adding video to your website:

  • Video Format – If you take a video from an iPhone you may end up with a .mov format. The problem with that is, only users that have QuickTime installed will be able to view that video. Windows PC users will have to install QuickTime and Android users will have to find an app that plays QuickTime videos after they download the video.
  • Social Networking – If you upload the video to your website, you will only have the power of your website’s social like buttons. Creating a channel on YouTube is a better way to go. You get social credit from YouTube because of your channel and because they offer the ability for you to share the video. Plus YouTube converts your video into a format that works across almost all devices.
  • Say NO to video only – Only providing a video on your page causes two issues. First issue is that there is not much SEO value. It would be like just adding an image to a page with no text at all. Second issue is the user experience. Sure the video says it better than text and images but what if the user isn’t able to listen to the video. They could be watching at work or just in public and don’t want to annoy others (hard to believe I know). Adding your text and images along with your video makes great sense to the user, and takes care of the search engines.

Ok, lets add video to a WordPress page or post using a YouTube embed link:

  1. Go to the YouTube website and click the blue button on the top right that says Sign in.
  2. Create An Account if you don’t have a Google+ or GMail account using the red button on the top right. Sign in if you already have an account.
  3. If you don’t have an account, fill out all the information and follow all instructions.
  4. Sign in to your YouTube account. To the right you should see your username and towards the middle you should see the Upload button. Click it.
  5. You are now at the upload page. Either drag and drop your video here or click the big arrow in the middle of the page.Upload your video YouTube
  6. As you video is being uploaded to YouTube take time to change the Title to something better for the search engines and your users. Do the same for the Descriptions and Tags. You can choose your Video thumbnail, Privacy settings and Category. Remember to Post to your subscribers (YouTube subscribers). Also if you aren’t posting immediately you can share using G+, Facebook or Twitter.Upload your video to YouTube
  7. Next click on the Video Manager button near the top of the page. This will bring you to the page where all your Uploads are. Click on the title of the video you just uploaded.Your Uploads screen at YouTube
  8. Make sure the video Title and Description looks right. Then click on the Share link next to the About link.My Mom s Really Big Cat example YouTube
  9. Below the video embed code is circled in red. Before you copy the code, you should check your video size. A 640px width will work with most WordPress layouts that have  a sidebar.  Uncheck the box for Show suggested videos when the video finishes. Leave the other boxes unchecked. Copy the code starting with <iframe and ending with </iframe>.Find the embed link YouTube
  10. Go to your WordPress website and log into the Admin area. Create a new Page or Post. Add the Title. If you want the text before the video, like I have shown below, type that in now. Next click on the HTML tab in the WordPress Content box. Go to the next line and paste in your code. add embed link to your post
  11. Click back to Visual, click Save and then Preview. Check to make sure your video fits the content area and make sure your text looks good too. My example is below.
    Video embedded on WordPress website

To see my mom’s huge cat, you can click the link here.

Now if you weren’t following along, it is time for you to start adding videos to your YouTube channel and Embedding those videos into your WordPress website!

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