Web Design

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Your website  and social and email marketing needs to continue with your logo and branding strategy. We create web design and web graphics using your logo and branding color and message.

Responsive web design

Today’s website needs to be responsive to the growing amount of mobile devices people are using.  Surveys have show that up to 72% of consumers want mobile-friendly websites. At Technobabble, we have been designing responsive websites for the last 3 years. Web technology changes rapidly and sometimes these changes need to be made to your website’s software and sometimes your layout/design.

Create your web design  for your customers

Creating a website should be done with the emphasis on your potential customers, NOT the owner. A website is your tool to reach new customers by providing information. At the same time you will be showing that you are an expert in your field and that will give you lots of credit with search engines.

WordPress as your web design/website platform

Since no business is static, your business website shouldn’t be either. We highly recommend that your web site be built using WordPress. Basically WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) platform, software that allows you to add/edit content on your website. I wrote a small post about why we use and recommend using WordPress a few years back.

Branding is important for your web design

Remember your web design needs to follow your branding strategy. If you don’t have a branding strategy contact us for an appointment. If you need an updated or new logo you can contact us to make an appointment or get an estimate. Remember your web design is NOT just a fancy graphic layout or the next cool looking theme, it’s your business’s message, blog content, and your opportunity to show potential clients that you ARE the foremost expert in your field/business. You do by talking about your services or products in lingo that your customers will understand instead of your businesses jargon or technobabble!

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Technobabble has been providing Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda local businesses with web design since 2003.