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Customize User Registration


If you are looking for ways to convert more of your site visitors to registered leads, consider enabling the user registration feature in your account. This allows you to control where and when your site visitors are prompted for registration during their search process.

There are many different philosophies and preferences related to forced registration, so we offer a wide range of settings to control the behavior of the registration prompt. It’s easy to experiment with the settings and find out over time which settings are most effective on your site. The following are just some of the registration settings that are available:

Trigger Points
Choose what locations in the search process will trigger the prompt, such as the Property Details view, the Property Search form, Top Picks/Hot Sheets, or Search Results.

– Prompt with an option to ignore the request and not be prompted again
– Prompt with an option to ignore the request and prompt again when your specified limits are reached
– Prompt and require registration in order to continue


Enabling User Registration

To enable user registration, login to your account Control Panel and select  User Registration from the Clients menu


Select User Registration


User Registration Settings and Customization
The list of settings might look overwhelming at first but they’re very simple once you get familiar with them. The built-in Help system in your account Control Panel will clearly explain each setting in detail.

Click on Show Help after selecting User Registration from the Clients menu


You’ll also find guides for these settings on our support website. Just click on the type of iHomefinder account you have below to access the guide.

Optima Express (IDX plugin for WordPress)
Optima IDX (IDX for custom websites)
iSites (hosted websites with IDX)



Sometimes you might acquire a new buyer lead from a source other than your website. You can help them with their search by adding them as a Subscriber in your account. This will send them automated Email Alerts with information about new listings while also providing a Property Organizer account, to help them keep track of listings they’re interested in.

Here’s how to add a Subscriber to your account:

1) Login to your account Control Panel and select Manage Subscribers in the Clients menu:


Manage Subscribers


2) Select the Add a Subscriber tab, then complete the information and click on Save Settings at the bottom.


Add Subscribers


It’s a good idea to enable the Welcome message option as shown below. This will send an email providing an activation link (opt-in), along with an overview of the Property Organizer features.


Add a Subscriber


3) Your Subscriber has been added! Now you just need to set up their search preferences for the Email Alerts they will receive.

Select the Show All Subscribers tab, then click on the name of the Subscriber within the Name/Email column:


Manage Subscribers Options


4) You will now be in the Manage Subscriber tab.

Select Add New Basic Saved Search under the Subscriber Manager Menu. Alternatively, you can select Add New Advanced Saved Search if your prospect has preferences that are available within the Advanced Search options. These are different in each MLS but could include options such as waterfront, subdivision, golf course, pool, distressed, etc.


Add Search
5) Complete the search settings and make sure Yes is selected under Receive Email Updates On This Search. This refers to whether or not your prospect will receive the email updates.


Add Search Options

Contact usto get a custom IDX solution on your website and watch the leads come in!

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