OMG Windows 8 Sucks…or does it?

Windows 8 sucks!

Or does it?

Oh I am sure you have heard that Windows 8 sucks. If you search the internet or talk to anyone on Facebook you pretty much hear the same thing. Windows 8 Sucks!  Ironically most of the people telling you how much Windows 8 Sucks haven’t actually used the product. Oh yeah, some actually have seen it in person, perhaps installed the Beta on a desktop or laptop, but actually use it for a few days, no!

Some complaints I have heard (Quotes have been edited):

This sucks, Windows 8 has no start menu!

Windows 8 has a Start Screen instead of a Start Menu…

For those of use using Android or Apple smartphones and tablets should understand the Start Screen. This is where all your Icons to launch program live. So basically Windows 8 converted the Start button into a Start Screen. And your preferences, shut down and apps are all in a place that Microsoft calls the Charms bar. Sort of like your App drawer and your Preferences screens on Android devices. Not hard to figure out, just different.

OMG Windows 8 is too hard and confusing to go back and forth between Start Screen and Desktop!

Whoa there Nelly, there is a reason for the way it’s setup…

One goal of  Windows 8 is to bridge the gap between the PC and the Cloud. Windows 8 does this by offering you Cloud Apps AND your PC apps, whoa….it’s almost like Windows 8 actually wants to give you the best of both worlds! Use the Apps on the Start Screen and when you need PC apps, you go to the desktop, it’s like having a PC and a tablet on the same device!

Windows 8 sucks for desktop users, because I don’t have a touch screen monitor!

I don’t have a Touch Screen Monitor, so Windows 8 sucks…

True, the Window 8 software doesn’t come with a touch screen monitor. Some laptop makers are offering touch screens and there are a few Desktop touch screen monitors available right now!  Here is a review on a HP Touch Screen Monitor. If the price of a touch screen monitor seems too high, Microsoft has a Touch Mouse which allows Laptop and Desktop users mimic the same motions that you would use with a touchscreen!

Windows 8 sucks because it has too many blocks confusing on where to find stuff and the desktop back to the apps is just over thought..Just didn’t like it!

Sensory information overload! Too many blocks of stuff on the Start Screen…

Now, because I installed Windows 8 on a PC, I didn’t understand this at all. However, I was called to a client’s business which needed some training on Windows 8 and I finally saw what they were talking about. HP was the culprit on this PC, however it is pretty much the same on all PC’s. You buy a PC and all this crap software is installed on your PC. It used to only be on your Desktop, now its right in your face on the Start Screen. This doesn’t make Windows 8 Suck, the blame has to be on the manufacture of the PC. However, this can be fixed quickly, quoted from Microsoft’s website

Pin or unpin apps

Some apps that are installed on your PC might not be pinned to Start. But you can always pin them if you want them there. On the Start screen, open the Search charm, select the app you want to pin to open its commands, and then tap or click Pin to Start.

And if there are apps you don’t use, you can unpin them from Start. On the Start screen, select an app to open its commands, and then tap or click Unpin from Start. If you unpin an app, it’s still installed on your PC, so you can always find it again with the Search charm.

I was able to Unpin all Apps provided by HP and then I also deleted all Apps that Microsoft provides that the business wouldn’t need to use. Now the user can open a Desktop Browser, Office programs or go to the Desktop from the Start Screen, all other Apps have been removed. Easy peasy!

It should be more intuitive (aka easy to figure out)!

I liked XP, Vista or Windows 7…this is too confusing to use…

By now, I have shown you how to make it easy to figure out and use. Remember the first time you got your Apple or Android phone or tablet. I was overwhelmed and felt stupid trying to use my Android devices. Soon I figured it out and so will you.

Ok, so Windows 8 doesn’t suck, but I want Windows 7 back…

Here’s a “secret”, Windows 8 = Windows 7 with upgraded looks and performance. Yep…that’s right, it is really Windows 7 underneath. So if you have Windows 8, think of it as buying a new car with one of those stereo/satellite navigation/air-conditioner touch screen controllers that do everything but looks quite daunting. You have to WANT to learn how to turn on the stereo.

For those who really want to make Windows 8 really simple to use on a Desktop or Laptop and don’t want to use any cloud apps, comment below and I will create a new “how-to” post. Or Contact us to make an appointment for Windows 8 training.


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