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Upgrade to Malwarebytes Pro and Protect Your PC

Malwarebytes Pro

Upgrade or purchase Malwarebytes Pro! Through the years I have recommended the free version of Malwarebytes as an effective tool to remove malware from customer’s PCs. Recently I have changed my position and suggest upgrading to Malwarebytes Pro . It bears repeating,

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WARNING for Windows Desktop Sidebar and Gadgets Users!

sidebar with gadgets

I used the Desktop Sidebar and Gadgets in Windows Vista but stopped after I upgraded to Windows 7. Windows 7 still has the Gadgets, but no sidebar as they just float on the desktop. I almost never see my desktop

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FREE ADOBE ACROBAT! An email phishing warning!

Adobe Acrobat X

Did you ever notice that your brain doesn’t always tell you what you read? If you look at the screenshot and read it quickly, your brain says: FREE ADOBE ACROBAT, CLICK HERE! A lot of email phishing scams are not

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Pizzeria email phishing attempt!

  This phishing email arrived in my email box yesterday. It came from someone at Hotmail and as you see I supposedly had paid for a feast from a some pizzeria. When you open email like this, you much not

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Are you at risk – Symantec pcAnywhere vunerabilities

Last month Symantec, the maker of products such as Norton antivirus products and pcAnywhere. Symantec has issued warnings not to use the pcAnywhere product even if it was bundled with other software products. There are reportedly 200, 000 corporate systems

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Holidaze phishing attacks starting

Recently on our Facebook Business Page, I talked about how to check suspicious email before you click the “unsubscribe” links. For the last few days I started seeing more phishing attempts in my inbox. The latest was supposedly from DHL

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avast! anti-virus solutions

Tech NO Babble IT services recommends avast! Internet Security for its clients. We offer it to both our Personal IT clients and our Business clients. avast! Internet Security offers a lot of tools and extra security features in this updated program.

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