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OMG Windows 8 Sucks…or does it?

Windows 8 Pro for $39.99?

Windows 8 sucks! Or does it? Oh I am sure you have heard that Windows 8 sucks. If you search the internet or talk to anyone on Facebook you pretty much hear the same thing. Windows 8 Sucks!  Ironically most

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Talk to your PC tech before buying a Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft Surface 8 Pro

Today, October 26, 2012, you will be able to buy a Windows 8 Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. If you are looking for a Windows Tablet, be aware that there are two flavors of  Windows 8 running on tables, Windows 8

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Windows 8 Pro upgrade costs only $39.99??

Windows 8 Pro for $39.99?

Yes it’s true, your eyes are NOT deceiving you! Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 Pro upgrade will cost only $39.99 which is scheduled to be released October 26, 2012 . I have never seen an update this cheap from

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HP PC division is here to stay…for now.

HP Logo

If you missed it, right after HP discounted the HP Tablet to sell all stock and then canceled the program, HP made an announcement to retire or sell off the PSG (Personal System Group) which is responsible for the PC

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