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EV SSL Certificates: Utilizing the Power of the Green Address Bar

EV certificates go beyond encryption: they add trust to a website. At Technobabble, our EV SSL certificates come from some of the most trusted brands in the world and will give customers the confidence they need to transact online. EV

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OMG Windows 8 Sucks…or does it?

Windows 8 Pro for $39.99?

Windows 8 sucks! Or does it? Oh I am sure you have heard that Windows 8 sucks. If you search the internet or talk to anyone on Facebook you pretty much hear the same thing. Windows 8 Sucks!  Ironically most

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Upgrade to Malwarebytes Pro and Protect Your PC

Malwarebytes Pro

Upgrade or purchase Malwarebytes Pro! Through the years I have recommended the free version of Malwarebytes as an effective tool to remove malware from customer’s PCs. Recently I have changed my position and suggest upgrading to Malwarebytes Pro . It bears repeating,

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How to add video to your WordPress website

Impromptu street drummer in DC YouTube

Words are NOT enough! Sometimes words and pictures are not enough to get your message across. So you create a video and you want to put it on your website. However it is not as simple as adding a picture

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My Moms huge cat!


When we visited my mom for Thanksgiving 2010 I took video of my mom’s huge cat. I used my new LG Optimus Android phone to take the video. Then I uploaded it to YouTube and have embedded the video below.

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Making music

Impromptu street drummer in DC YouTube

I took this video with my LG Optimus Android phone during Thanksgiving week in 2010. We were visiting my parents in Ocean Pines, MD and Lisa, Cole and I took a day trip to Washington DC to see the sites!

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iHomefinder – Customize User Registration

  If you are looking for ways to convert more of your site visitors to registered leads, consider enabling the user registration feature in your account. This allows you to control where and when your site visitors are prompted for

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Talk to your PC tech before buying a Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft Surface 8 Pro

Today, October 26, 2012, you will be able to buy a Windows 8 Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. If you are looking for a Windows Tablet, be aware that there are two flavors of  Windows 8 running on tables, Windows 8

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Why we use and recommend using WordPress

WordPress logo best CMS & blogging platform

  On June 17, 2010, WordPress 3.0 became a viable CMS (content management system) and soon after Tech NO Babble converted their first client, Debbie Saunders‘ static website to WordPress website. Soon Tech NO Babble started migrating our site to

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Windows 8 Pro upgrade costs only $39.99??

Windows 8 Pro for $39.99?

Yes it’s true, your eyes are NOT deceiving you! Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 Pro upgrade will cost only $39.99 which is scheduled to be released October 26, 2012 . I have never seen an update this cheap from

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