Pizzeria email phishing attempt!


This phishing email arrived in my email box yesterday. It came from someone at Hotmail and as you see I supposedly had paid for a feast from a some pizzeria.

Email phishing attempt

Pizzeria email phishing attempt

When you open email like this, you much not jump to conclusions. So ask questions like:

  • Did I order this? NO! So this might not be legit.
  • What was the address the email was sent to. Hmm-mm that is one of my old email addresses that I don’t use. Pretty sure it’s not legit.
  • What is the email about. OMG, It says I ordered $220 worth of food and beverages…I should click the link to stop it!

DING DING Wrong Answer! Tell what he/she won Bob! Today’s contestant on Phishing or No Phishing with receive a boat load of Malware, spyware, popups, tool bar, fake antivirus and more!! You get to spend hours trying to remove it or send it to your IT guy and pay big time! Wasn’t that fun?

So, getting back to your questions. When you saw what the email said, you should have remembered:

  • the email address was one you don’t use
  • you didn’t order it.

However you think your credit card might have been stolen. How can you be sure? **Warning** Failure to follow the following directions could cause you to infest your system with malware.

If you look on the email you will see that there was a link for your to click in case the order was “fraud” (notice bad English, who says fraud case??). If you HOVER over the link a box pops up to show you the link was to a anime site with the longest web address full of numbers and letters.  That should have been the final answer to you that this was a bogus phishing attempt.

If you wanted to check two more things, you could do a search for the pizzeria on Google, which I did and found one in NJ and doesn’t have an email address listed. The second thing, did you look at the toppings for the order? Yeah, that is not right at all!

Hopefully this post will keep you from clicking on phishing emails! Remember if it looks fishy, its probably phishy!

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