FREE ADOBE ACROBAT! An email phishing warning!

Adobe Acrobat XDid you ever notice that your brain doesn’t always tell you what you read? If you look at the screenshot and read it quickly, your brain says: FREE ADOBE ACROBAT, CLICK HERE!

A lot of email phishing scams are not new, they are recycled. This is another email phishing warning.Today’s email scam is from Adobe Reader, well at least that is what the email sender is wanting you to believe. Get a FREE update that allows you to edit PDFs (that is called Acrobat, people)! Just click the link!

Adobe Reader Phishing Email

Adobe Reader is used to view PDF files. Sometimes you need to edit, combine or create PDFs and to do that you have to buy Acrobat. The problem is that Adobe Acrobat costs to much for most of us.

This is exactly why this email is so tricky. They are offering a free upgrade. We won’t have to pay!!

Sounds too good to be true? Don’t Click IT!

Remember my guidelines I mentioned in the last phishing email post, and I checked the from email address again, and then hovered over the email links offering an upgrade. Both the address and links were suspicious, so I did a quick Google search and sure enough this email has been going around for a couple of years.

Again, because the email was offering me something that I and most of my readers have been wanting, it was the perfect trap and I almost fell for it!

Thankfully I am not part of the “Captain Clicky” club anymore!

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