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Tech NO Babble has started using MailChimp for email marketing as well as for publishing our RSS feeds to email. We used the WordPress plugin and widget that you see on our website.

Why Should You Add MailChimp to your WordPress website

  • MailChimp allows you to create email lists
  • WordPress plugin allows users to signup for your newsletter
  • Decide on how to generate your newsletter (MailChimp can auto generate your newsletter from your WordPress posts)
  • Design the newsletter email to match your branding and website.

When you signup on our site to receive updates, MailChimp will be automatically notified that there was a new post and then emails you about our latest and greatest news about the world of technology and/or marketing ideas for your business.



I am the computer tech and the marketing wiz for Tech NO Babble.

When I am not working on computers or marketing for our clients, I do a ton of research and then end up writing about Windows, Android, security, WordPress and Marketing and other stuff.

I use my Android tablet to read and watch Sci-Fi, Mystery/Suspense when I am not doing research on computers or marketing.

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