Living with Android, the beginning

Android Mobile OS

Android Smart Phone

I started my this journey with Android when I bought a new phone days before Thanksgiving 2010. We were traveling from Port Charlotte, FL to Ocean Pines, MD to visit my family for Thanksgiving.

LG Optimus S

I needed to be able to have access to internet everywhere and we had Sprint as a cellular provider. The best phone for the least amount of money was the LG Optimus S. This phone had a camera, texting, web browsing and mobile hot spot powered by the Android 2.2 Operating System (OS).LG Optimus S

Sprint Cellular Provider

The phone was ordered at a local Sprint store and mailed to my parents house. This was my first “smart phone” and I will be writing about the apps, tips & tricks, annoyances that I have had using an Android device in later posts. Hopefully my experiences will make life easier for some of you.

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